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BIM service consists of the generation of digital prototypes of concrete, reinforcing steel and inserts using the Virtual Design Construction (VDC) methodology to optimize the management of reinforced concrete structures.

The BIM model as a detail of the product to be executed contains the information for digital fabrication and production management.

Development of structural model (Concrete, Reinforcing Steel and Inserts) to validate constructability, digital fabrication, on-site assembly and client use in management software such as Navisworks, Tekla BIMSight or Trimble Connect.

Determination of the exact amount of material and detection of possible deviations in the amounts.

Integration of 2D and 3D. This methodology integrates the 2 and 3 dimensions interconnected with each other, improving the vision of the overall project.

Automatic generation of all project documentation: budgets, planning, structures, etc., achieving an increase in productivity and, therefore, time and cost savings.

Real-time information for progress control.


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