Transformación del Acero.



At Corporación Aceros Arequipa we are committed to providing our clients with top quality services to solve their needs, transforming steel into business solutions.

Our “Steel Center” service center has a wide range of machinery and equipment that allow us to offer our clients greater efficiency in their processes, reduce costs and optimize delivery times for their projects.

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Cutting coils to stripes

The process consists of unwinding the coil at one end of the machine, then it passes through several circular blades, passing at the same time through the strip winder located at the other end of the machine. A slitting line is used to convert the main coil into small coils at specific width and specific weight. Here the strips are formed, which are steel rolls that are narrower than the coils, then the strips are removed, weighed and sent to the corresponding processing center or to the dispatch warehouse. They serve as raw material for roll forming machines and pipes.

Machinery used:

Slitting Line - Strip coil slitter (thickness from 0.5mm to 2.5mm). It can cut LAC, LAF and Galvanized Coils.


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